The tools to manage the firehose of change

With constant changes to regulatory frameworks as well as an increasing volume of laws and standards, regulated firms face a number of challenges in maintaining compliance and managing risk. Propylon’s change management solution is designed to ease the burden associated with updating policies, manuals, and guidance based on updates to laws, regulations, and standards. TimeArc® lets firms manage regulatory change from a central platform from where they can track and react to regulatory change, fast. Research efficiently and understand exactly how changes in laws and standards impact your business.

Never miss an update

  • Get automatic alerts to laws and instantly see which of your documents needs to be changed
  • Scan changes with redlining and user-friendly version timelines
  • Generate rich search results that understand your content set
  • Stay on top of updates to linked content thanks to time-aware links that alert to changes
  • Demonstrate point-in-time compliance

Understand how change impacts you

  • Compare differences between regulations and documentation with point-in-time views
  • Pinpoint text that needs to be updated in your own materials
  • Maintain a complete history of how your material has changed
  • Manage internal and external dependencies within the same platform
  • Generate reports for a period under review

Collaborate on changes

  • Let multiple authors edit the same documents in Microsoft Office
  • View complete version histories and comments associated with edits
  • Quickly perform a redline comparison between previous versions
  • Reuse content components within the same document or across multiple versions
  • Get integrated, configurable workflows

Manage published versions

  • Single source publishing via an API to multiple platforms and in multiple document formats
  • Edit source content once and populate changes automatically across every document that uses it
  • Publish different versions of content for localization and jurisdictional interpretations while maintaining a single instance of the source material
  • Track detailed version histories and understand quickly how content has changed over time
At the intersection of legal content and the impact of change
TimeArc Regulatory Change Management
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Change is complex.

Reacting to it doesn’t need to be

We’ve launched compliance management solutions with partners in regulated industries globally to enable more efficient change-tracking and horizon-scanning. Get the tools you need to stay on top of regulatory change.