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Backed by Propylon's deep domain knowledge, LWB 360® is a future-ready platform to manage the full lifecycle of law-making. Developed in partnership with law-makers, it provides your state with the tools to manage legislative processes into the future. Improve the quality of your bill drafts with integrated research features while relying on built-in workflows to simplify processes and speed up turnaround times for publishing updated documents.

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Stay Focused On Your Bill Drafts

  • Draft bills and amendments with Microsoft Office tools
  • Generate in-context amendment instructions
  • Manage cross-referencing across drafts
  • Engross amendments at the click of a button
  • See conflicts and dependencies in context
  • Get easy access to your research and source content
  • View a draft’s version history and understand quickly how it has changed over time
  • Ensure quality with document checks and document integrity features


Rely On a System Capable of Managing the Legislative Process into the Future

  • Enhanced workflow in the creation of the calendar 
  • Automatically capture chamber events and produce documents of record
  • Produce real-time bill status for members, staff, and public
  • Automate the transition of data through the legislative workflow
  • Automate journal production and publish in multiple formats
  • Publish from one source to your website, to the public, and to member apps


Make Admin Work Straight-forward for Committee Clerks

  • Build your agendas and minutes without needing to write from scratch
  • Track, manage and publish agenda items
  • Quickly create new committees and manage membership
  • Schedule bills to be heard by the committee
  • Electronically store exhibits for each agenda topic
  • Generate minutes and agendas
  • Automate committee reports

Smart Vote

The Next Generation Voting System

  • Deliver real-time legislative information direct to members’ desks
  • Securely transmit votes
  • Save clerks from re-entering calendar, ad-hoc motions or vote records
  • Display extra legislative information to assist debate including links to support documentation
  • Provide live display of motions and vote tallies to members’ desks and chamber displays
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Statute Management

Simplify the Codification and Consolidation Process

  • Get a strong audit trail for changes to the law master database
  • Work with tools designed to easily manage the workflow of changes
  • Automate splitting and clean-up of session law files
  • Easily identify conflicts and use support tools to resolve them
  • Eliminate copying and pasting the same information across multiple areas
  • Collaborate in real-time

Legislative Websites

Publish to Your Website with All of the Features Demanded By Today's Users

  • Provide a modern, mobile-responsive website
  • Publish fine-grained legislative data in an open format with our API
  • Build websites and apps based on the assembly’s data and rest assured that the correct information is published to the public
  • Let the public follow the life of a bill and track chamber and committee actions
  • Offer access to legislative archives, search tools as well as video and audio streaming

What Our Clients Are Saying

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“Co-innovating with a vendor that understands the intricacies of how a legislature works as well as the importance of supporting the state legislative IT staff so that they can independently manage the system was one of the key success factors.”

Doug Simon​

Business Director & CFO, Michigan House of Representatives

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“One of the key success factors was the tight working relationship between legislative staff, the IT department, and Propylon. Propylon formed an extraordinary team and utilized a unique blend of agile and waterfall development methodologies.”

Lisa Feldner

CIO, North Dakota State

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We’ve spent more than 20 years working with state legislatures and governments globally to understand their unique needs and provide bill drafting and legislative management solutions suited to their ways of working. Discover what we can do for you.