At the intersection between legal content, and the impact of change

We believe in the power of technology to improve the creation of legal and regulatory material and make it useful for all. We have spent the last two decades honing our technology so that it meets the challenges our clients face now and into the future.

Propylon of today

We’ve spent over two decades at the intersection between laws and regulations, and those who need to understand the impact of change. Ours is the business of content – how it can be most effectively created and how it can be best optimized for consumption.

Our technology works for our clients, not the other way around, by accurately and reliably managing update cycles, supporting writing processes, and enriching content so that it’s more useful. This focus on the needs of our clients has formed the foundation of what we do and remains constant as we evolve.

Propylon of tomorrow

The legal and regulatory landscape is undergoing a transformation. We are witnessing the ongoing digitization of lawmaking processes and the publishing of legal materials. The very nature of the document is changing. Automation, AI, machine learning, and other technologies are inspiring a rethink of how content is created and consumed.

At Propylon, innovation forms a core pillar of our approach as we work with our clients to help them overcome the challenges they face. Our software is the engine that supports our clients now and into the future.

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