20+ years at the intersection between rule-makers and rule-takers

Beyond technology. We're building the architecture of progress. We have spent the last two decades honing our solutions so that they meet the challenges our clients face now and into the future.


You see, we are a people-led technology company with very clear intent: we are here to disrupt with innovation, simplify the complex and connect people with the law. Creating digital tools for rule-makers and rule-takers that drive efficiencies, value and progress.

Every day we prove that we excel above stick-to-the-script software providers by solving with more deep domain expertise, human intuition, and shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration than any other.


Our team of experts have spent more than 20 years developing our content management platforms to solve the complexity of managing, updating, and publishing rules – from primary law to standards, regulations, guidance, and standards.

We’ve built the solutions to integrate rule updates into policies, manuals, and guidance workflows so rule-takers can ensure that their organizations are right up to date.


Propylon means portal. A means of getting to a place of significance. Whatever the challenge, however big or small the action, we enable transformative impact.

People and platforms delivering positive progress for organisations, governments and societies at large.

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