Transform regulations and standards for your internal CMS

With standards and regulations issued by multiple regulators, it's easy to lose time tracking changes and ensuring they avoid the risks of non-compliance. Propylon’s content transformation service delivers standards and regulations into your CMS in the format you need it. Our technology can power fast transformation and customize content for your unique needs. Get more out of standards and regulations and make them easier to manage, update, and analyze.

Smarter, More Experiential Content






Track Regulations and Standards Across Their Entire Lifecycle

  • Ensure content is tracked over time and through multiple revisions
  • Titles and renumbering updated in accordance with any changes to standards and regulations
  • Ensure links don’t break as content structure changes

More Usable Content

  • Add business value to regulations and standards with customizations that meet your specific needs
  • Make use of tracking to enable analysis of revisions to standards and regulations
  • Multiple formats and schemas supported (DITA, DocBook, XML, Folio) as well as multiple XML schemas

Manage Your Content Set with Accuracy

  • Automatically detect errors and inconsistencies
  • Errata corrections within the delivery process supported and applied consistently to future revisions
Optimizing standards and tracking changes for a Big Four accountancy firm
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Standards and Regulations

Delivered in the Format You Require

Our content transformation service is utilized by major firms to make it easier to track change and operationalize it across their business. Talk to us about how we can help you to accelerate your update cycles. 

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