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Keeping audit policies and guidance materials in compliance with global, international, and local requirements is increasingly a challenge for audit quality professionals. TimeArc® removes the complexities of managing audit and accounting guidance material across multiple jurisdictions. Accelerate update cycles with smart tools that empower teams to provide more frequent and high-quality guidance material. Integrate your firm's content directly into audit workflows and research platforms so that auditors can get the guidance information they need when they need it.

Deliver Audit Consistency Globally

  • Publish different versions of content with localization and jurisdictional interpretations while maintaining a single instance of the source material
  • Automate the review of changes in response to global, international, and regulatory updates
  • Edit source content once and populate changes automatically across every document that uses it
  • Add local interpretations to content components and automatically publish jurisdiction-specific versions of the same document
  • Improve collaboration between audit experts globally with centralized access to firm guidance material

A Systematic Approach to Managing Firm Policy and Regulatory Changes

  • Pinpoint outdated text in your own materials due to regulatory change or related content updates
  • Compare differences between regulations and documentation with point-in-time views
  • Ensure that templates and firm guidance material are up-to-date with firm policy and regulatory changes
  • Maintain a complete history of how your material has changed
Single source publishing with Propylon's publishing platform

Collaborate on Changes in Real-time or as Needed

  • Manage formal amendment cycles with built-in workflows
  • Easily integrate and update content using Microsoft Word
  • Let multiple partners or SMEs edit the same documents in Microsoft Office
  • View complete version histories and comments associated with edits
  • Quickly perform a redline comparison between previous versions
  • Reuse content components within the same document or across multiple versions

Support Data-driven Audits and Improve Audit Agility

  • Surface guidance material relevant to the stage and type of audit within your audit and research platform via APIs
  • Automate the enrichment, linking, and tagging of content
  • Get automatic alerts to changes to laws and guidance
  • Embed audit guidance into audit workflows for improved audit effectiveness
  • Auditors will get richer search results due to the automatic tagging of ingested content
  • Leverage powerful point-in-time search to understand how your content has evolved

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Elevating the use of technology in BDO’s audit manual update process lays a foundation for best-in-class audits by ensuring that our staff and partners have access to the most up-to-date guidance. Propylon’s component-based content model gives us increased control and flexibility in how we edit and publish content. At the same time, our engagement teams have a user-friendly portal to engage with content and find what they need.

Michèle Rose

Director for Strategic Projects, Global Assurance, BDO Global Office

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Propylon has worked with Big Four and tier two audit firms in managing and enriching regulatory content, as well as automating the review of manuals, guidance, and policies across their organizations globally. Get the tools to improve audit quality and effectiveness, and let staff focus on value-added activities, such as growing your IP, by removing manual content management processes.