Implementing Forvis Mazars' Award-Winning MAPLE Solution

MAPLE, an acronym for Methodology and Policy Library Explorer, is the go-to place for all Forzarians within the Forvis Mazars Group (formerly Mazars Group) to find methodologies and policies. This solution supports the firm’s expansion across multiple jurisdictions as well as its compliance with ISQM1 controls.

Mazars and FORVIS launched a new $5 billion global network, marking the largest entrant to the global rankings in decades. Developed in partnership with Propylon®, MAPLE received a Quality award in recognition for its contribution to elevating standards and compliance.

Discover how:

  • Staff are supported with easy access to company resources
  • Purpose-built tooling make it easier to comply with ISQM1
  • The solution facilitates consistency across multiple initiatives and jurisdictions
Forvis Mazars case study