Track, pinpoint and understand regulatory change

With the volume of regulatory change ever increasing, companies face a mounting challenge in staying on top of requirements and obligations. Propylon's research solution enables accurate and efficient legal, regulatory and legislative research so firms can keep up with change. TimeArc® surfaces the relevant information at the right moment, tracks changes and provides the tools to understand the impact of change.

Drive Knowledge Efficiency Tenfold






Find What You Need Fast

  • Leverage powerful point-in-time search to understand how your content has evolved
  • Get richer search results with automatic tagging of ingested content
  • Search once and track content sections as they change
  • Integrate search into your applications through APIs

No Blind Spots

  • Save time looking for the right documents – view related content in-context
  • Get email alerts for updates to relevant laws, regulations, and standards
  • Monitor internal guidance against external regulation
  • Don’t miss an update to your linked content – get automatically alerted to changes

Go from Information to Insight

  • Scan differences between material over time with edits highlighted
  • Compare historical versions with the user-friendly timeline function
  • At a glance, see how laws, regulations and standards have progressively changed

Make Changes to Laws and Standards

Easy to Track and Follow

We’ve helped legal and regulatory teams globally unlock the value of their content. Talk to us about enabling a richer research experience.