Simple, robust integration capabilities

Integrate your existing system with our APIs to reap the benefits of a temporal, component content management platform, built to support the needs of complex document management workflows.

Built-in Flexibility

The Propylon® platform provides several API formats to support integration with software in different IT contexts and deployment scenarios. 

Our APIs facilitate smooth and efficient integration with existing IT landscapes and third-party applications and allow for flexibility when it comes to source format and acquisition method.

Example APIs

Future-proof Your System
We use GraphQL which enables consumers to request the exact data they require without needing to process the entire content scheme. Whether the consumer is a Propylon product or third-party system, it can specify the exact data, making the system easier to maintain and develop over time.
Content at Your Fingertips
Our APIs also make it possible to receive real-time updates to data. This eliminates the need to continuously fetch data and allows users to subscribe to a specific query and receive push updates in real-time.
Native Integration with Any Application

We use WebDAV so our clients can perform remote document operations. End-users can directly edit and manage documents stored in the system without needing to manually download and re-upload. This facilitates native integration with any client application supporting the WebDAV protocol such as Microsoft Office.

Streamlined and Quicker Processes
Our platform provides a REST API which is tied directly to the underlying dynamic content model schema. This means that the API auto-updates so that users get the latest version of the content schema.
Create New Products
Leverage the value-added services of our platform to create new products and make your content go the extra mile.

Our Solutions


The LWB 360 platform provides governments and legislatures with modern drafting, workflow management and publishing tools that increase transparency, are highly efficient and easy to learn. Embrace the platform that will support your organization in moving from paper-based to digital-ready.

Content Publisher

Remove the complexities of multi-format publishing and consumption with our publishing engine. Integrate your content directly into customer workflows so they can get the information they need, when they need it. Accelerate update cycles with smart tools and single source publishing.

Regulated Company

Reduce the burden associated with demonstrating compliance. Our software solutions allow you to operate from a central platform, where you can track and react to regulatory change, fast. Carry out efficient research and pinpoint exactly how changes in the law impact your business.

Tap into Our Technology and Our Specialist Knowledge

Find out how you can integrate your existing functionality with our APIs.