Smart drafting tools that let you focus on the content

Drafting is one of the most complex jobs in the legal and regulatory domain. Propylon’s drafting tools let you easily collaborate on documents and manage the complexities of constant change in one place. Stay focused on your drafts with technology that manages dependencies, workflows, document structure, and tracks changes behind the scenes. All the while, use familiar Microsoft Office tools in an integrated environment with easy access to your research and source content.

A one-stop drafting solution







Work faster and more accurately

  • Guided drafting experience in a familiar Microsoft Office environment
  • Understand the dependencies of the area you’re amending while focusing on your draft document
  • Reuse sections or components of content across multiple documents
  • Collaborate on edits while automatically updating cross-references and citations
  • Minimize distraction and task-switching with integrated research tools
Propylon drafting solution product screen

Get a clear picture

  • Track detailed version history and understand quickly how it has changed over time
  • Rely on a single source of truth with a comprehensive audit trail of all changes
  • See conflicts and dependencies in context 

Manage and understand change

  • Work with multiple collaborators on large documents and see everyone’s changes in real-time
  • Easily integrate with external content dependencies
  • Receive automatic alerts to changes relevant to your document

Streamline the way you work

  • Get integrated, configurable workflows adapted to your ways of working
  • Manage cross-referencing across drafts
  • Leverage powerful metadata management tools for richer content
  • Automate document integrity checking

What our clients are saying

North Dakota state flag
“The implementation of our drafting system has been effective in streamlining the entire bill drafting process for drafters, proofreaders, and editors. It has moved us toward a paperless process that involves the transitioning of electronic drafts throughout the entire drafting and review process.”

John Bjornson​

Legal Division Director, Legislative Council

Legislative drafting in the Welsh parliament
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How North Dakota’s Legislative Council increased efficiency and lowered costs
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Our drafting tools have been used by teams globally to write laws, regulations, manuals and more. See how our solution can help you work intuitively and with more precision.