Single source publishing. Create once, deliver everywhere

Propylon’s publishing solution is built for the creation, management, and publishing of content in the legal and regulatory domain – from primary law, regulations, and standards to manuals and guidance. The TimeArc® platform handles the complexities associated with publishing content that is in constant flux and has multiple dependencies. Manage the complete, end-to-end editorial and publication process from one consolidated platform.

Understand change as it happens

  • Automatic alerts to changes to your content and any of its dependencies
  • Manage internal and external dependencies within the same platform
  • Scan changes with redlining and easy-to-use version timelines
  • Establish confidence in your organization that everyone is working on the correct versions
Single source publishing with Propylon's publishing platform

Reap the benefits of a component content management system (CCMS)

  • Change source content once and automatically update every document that uses it
  • Update global content with different jurisdictional interpretations
  • Single source publishing via an API to multiple platforms and in multiple document formats
  • Eliminate information silos and work from one, consolidated source

Save time and work with greater accuracy

  • Get richer search results with advanced search capabilities
  • Get instant point-in-time views of regulations and documentation
  • Keep up with updates to linked content with time-aware links that alert to changes
  • Reduce the cost and effort associated with monitoring and complying with regulatory requirements with built-in workflows

Rely on detailed audit trails

  • Quickly compare which internal policies have been updated and when
  • Generate reports for a period under review
  • Demonstrate point-in-time compliance to regulators, auditors and other stakeholders
  • Maintain a full history of how your material has changed

What our clients are saying

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“Our work with Propylon has enabled us to quickly deliver new capabilities, integrate our world-class content directly into customer workflows and create a richer experience for our customers.”

Dean Sonderegger

SVP and General Manager, Wolters Kluwer Legal and Regulatory US

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Centralized control and visibility of your content

Our publishing solution is used by regulated firms and legal publishers across multiple industries to streamline their content management and make it easier to publish their manuals, guidance and policies. Get the tools to manage regulatory change.