Focus on your core competencies

Propylon’s LWB 360® Managed Service option is designed to handle the daily operations of law-making in the legislature and expand its technological capability to meet staff and members’ needs. Simultaneously, free your team up to enhance your core competencies as well as more strategic IT programs.

Robust Security and Support

Our managed service model is informed by over two decades of learnings from partnering with government agencies and legislatures, providing robust systems to support your daily business, plug technical resource gaps and deal with the extensive maintenance, updates, and support of modern technology platforms. The solution is hosted on AWS which supports security standards and compliance certifications including FedRAMP. We have developed our managed service to ensure an excellent level of service for your business-critical applications.

Key Features

24/7/365 Security
Avoid unexpected downtime with a partner that can properly support the day-to-day running of the legislature’s software applications, so you don’t have to. Ensure access and security is maintained all day, every day.
Work Remotely in a Secure Way
Let staff work remotely with full access to the applications that they need in a secure environment.
Build Today with Tomorrow in Mind

Propylon’s cloud solutions architecture is built to support future needs and technological advances. It helps prevent additional complexity, degraded performance, or reduced security by scaling to meet your needs today and into the future.

Empower IT Teams
Propylon’s managed service provides continuous updates and logs so IT teams can rest assured that systems and services are performing as expected and meeting the required service levels.
Robust Self-Monitoring
Through a dashboard of health metrics, your IT team can monitor issues and changes over time, maintain strict SLAs and continue to focus on issues before they become problems.
Automatic Updates
Security threats can wreak havoc. With automatic updates, once a vulnerability has been addressed, no action is required on your part. The problem is solved without disrupting the critical work of the legislature.
Best-in-Class Procedures and Technology
Propylon employs industry-leading CIS standards managed by trained experts. As well as new features and updates, we follow information security best practices and have successfully achieved ISO 27001 accreditation, audited by independent assessment. We are also a member of the Microsoft Partner Network.

Our Solutions


The LWB 360® platform provides governments and legislatures with modern drafting, workflow management and publishing tools that increase transparency, are highly efficient and are easy to learn. Embrace the platform that will support your organization in moving from paper-based to digital-ready.

Content Publisher

Remove the complexities of multi-format publishing and consumption with our publishing engine. Integrate your content directly into customer workflows so they can get the information they need, when they need it. Accelerate update cycles with smart tools and single source publishing.

Regulated Company

Reduce the burden associated with demonstrating compliance. Our software solutions allow you to operate from a central platform, where you can track and react to regulatory change, fast. Carry out efficient research and pinpoint exactly how changes in the law impact your business.

LWB 360® Hosting Options
Cloud v On Premises v Hybrid
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Access to the Cutting Edge

in Technology, Security and Innovation

Keep up with the pace of change without needing to worry. Propylon’s managed service offering supports your legislature with a proven track record of expertise and delivers improved experiences for staff and members.

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