Draft, publish and research with a platform powered by deep domain knowledge

Our team of experts has spent more than 20 years developing our content management platforms to solve the complexity of legal, regulatory, and standards management, updates, and publishing. We’ve built the solutions to integrate legal updates into policy, manuals, and guidance workflows so you can ensure that your organization is right up to date.

A platform architected for full visibility

At the heart of the Propylon platform is a temporal, headless component content management system (CCMS) – it records, manages, and represents any changes to content over time. The temporal nature of our platform is what gives rise to features like permanent links, point-in-time views, document compare, change management alerting, active dates amongst others.

The platform is the foundation for robust content management and publishing solutions across a range of complex business environments. It has a track record of successful implementations ranging from legislative management systems to regulatory and standards content management to policy, manuals and guidance management.

The platform provides several APIs to allow for the integration of TimeArc® seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure of your organization. Users can interact with content using familiar MS Office tools such as Word, Excel and applications such as Microsoft Teams.

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Key features

Audit trail

Maintain a full audit trail of all changes to document data with an append-only document store. Rely on the audit log for a detailed history of all changes to content managed in the system and to validate the integrity of the data set. Provide compliance reports to show how your organization has reacted to change.

Microsoft Office and web app extensions

Integrate the CCMS into your specific workflows and documents through Microsoft Office and Teams and through configurable web apps that adjust to your organization’s needs. Empower your organization’s content operations with the tools that users are already familiar with.


Easily share data and add value to existing applications by integrating with our APIs. Create new products quickly by leveraging the value-added services of our platform. Predefined APIs support the ability to be alerted to change, understand it, and realize its impact to your business applications, databases, documents and spreadsheets.

Temporal component content management

Every change made to a piece of content stored in the platform is tracked and recorded. Take control of your unstructured data by using content blocks to reuse and track your content. Build multiple virtual documents from your single content source and support local interpretations with each block. 

Certified secure

Protect your content assets by working with a company that is ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified. We understand the value of your organization’s content assets and ensure that we work to protect them daily.

Content enrichment/AI

Leverage the power of our enrichment services to add value to content for your users by interpreting meaning and automatically adding mark-up and metadata. Ensure your users are looking at the right content when they need it.

Reporting and analytics

Use dashboards, reports and alerts to get a detailed insight into how content is both being used and how it is evolving. Understand the content that is important for your organization.

Our solutions


The LWB 360® suite of applications provides governments and legislatures with modern drafting, workflow management and publishing tools that increase transparency, are highly efficient and are easy to learn. Embrace the platform that will support the future needs of your organization in an increasingly digital world.

Content Publisher

Remove the complexities of multi-format publishing and consumption with our publishing engine. Integrate your content directly into customer workflows so they can get the information they need, when they need it. Accelerate update cycles with smart tools and single source publishing.

Regulated Company

Reduce the burden associated demonstrating compliance. Our software solutions let you operate from a central platform from where you can track and react to regulatory change, fast. Carry out efficient research and pinpoint exactly how changes in the law impact your business.

An intelligent platform for

smarter content creation and smarter update cycles

Leverage our technology and our knowledge to simplify the complex and make change management more fluid.