Structured content in Microsoft Word

Integrate with our platform while retaining familiar, best-in-class tools for collaborative editorial work. TimeArc® lets you access all the research material you need without leaving Microsoft Office. Focus on your tasks and let the platform manage dependencies, workflows, document structure and track changes in the background.

Microsoft Office: the Go-to Choice for Businesses

Microsoft Office is used by over a million companies worldwide with more than 730,000 firms in the US alone utilizing it to power their business. Our platforms embraces the ubiquity of Microsoft Office, implementing a set of APIs that enable support for all the benefits of Microsoft’s real-time, collaborative, multi-author editing experience with any documents stored in the system.

Key Features

Make Use of Real-time, Web-based Office Features

Access and modify your content components through Microsoft Office applications. Use Microsoft Office on your desktop or online to take advantage of all of our platform features, alongside the full suite of Microsoft Office functionality.

Update and Collaborate

Get the power of Microsoft Office on your desktop while accessing and updating documents stored on our platform. Including the ability to collaborate in real-time with other system users.

Rich Editorial Experience

Our suite of add-ins gives you domain-specific research and editorial tools directly inside your Office applications – whether on desktop or Office online. Query, inspect and interact with content inside the Propylon platform. Manage citations, import and re-use content, create reports, perform change analysis and more without having to leave the Microsoft Office environment.

All the Tools You Need to Navigate Large Documents

Our suite of add-ins has all you need to navigate and manage large complex documents. Use our real-time table of contents to easily add, remove, move and replace content components while keeping a history of changes for each component. Easily re-order document components and automatically update re-numbering.

Styles and Smart Formatting
Use the power of our drafting styles, rules, workflows alongside Microsoft Word features like styles and smart formatting to help you manage documents. Meanwhile, our platform works behind the scenes applying markup and looking after the XML under the hood. Publish in multiple formats based on your custom rules.

Our specialist advanced features enrich Microsoft Word’s features for table formatting and controls, as well as text styles, page numbering, and overall document organization. 

Our Solutions


The LWB 360® platform provides governments and legislatures with modern drafting, workflow management and publishing tools that increase transparency, are highly efficient and easy to learn. Embrace the platform that will your organization in moving from paper-based to digital-ready.

Content Publisher

Remove the complexities of multi-format publishing and consumption with our publishing engine. Integrate your content directly into customer workflows so they can get the information they need, when they need it. Accelerate update cycles with smart tools and single source publishing.

Regulated Company

Reduce the burden associated with demonstrating compliance. Our software solutions allow you to operate from a central platform, where you can track and react to regulatory change, fast. Carry out efficient research and pinpoint exactly how changes in the law impact your business.

Reap the Benefits of Microsoft Office

and Propylon Technology

Create and manage documents with the tools you’re used to. Talk to us about how your organization can enhance the editing user experience and reduce complexity.