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Rely on specialist knowledge. Propylon® has been working with government, legal, assurance, audit, and compliance professional teams for over 20 years to deliver technology solutions that answer their unique challenges. Research, draft and manage changes with smart tools that do the work so you can zero in on the job at hand. Utilize a platform built to handle the intricacies and dependencies associated with changes to legislation, regulations, standards, and guidance. 

Our solutions


Propylon’s drafting tools handle the technical structure aspects so you can concentrate on writing. 


Propylon’s publishing engine adds the structure and metadata to documents so you can focus on what has been written.  


Propylon’s research portal is designed to easily track and understand changes to legal and regulatory content.  

Deep domain knowledge

We have brought value to legal, regulatory and regulated clients globally

Building blocks for best-in-class audits
How BDO centralized content management
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Legislative drafting in the Welsh parliament
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Transforming how professionals understand tax law change with Wolters Kluwer
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At Propylon, we have a proven track record of technological innovation at the intersection between legal and regulatory changes, and those who need to stay up to date with them. Find out what we can do for you.