Standards and regulations publishing: from static documents to digital information

Publish, create, and re-use rigorously managed regulatory content all from within intuitive Microsoft Office environments. Propylon’s TimeArc® technology makes it simple for regulators and standard-setters to manage content creation workflows that are subject to rigorous audit trails and publish in an array of consumer-friendly digital formats that help reduce the compliance burden. Manage standards and regulations with metadata, tagging and smart linking of regulatory documents so that consumers get more use out of the content.

Flexible content, provided at the moment of need

  • Make the most of industry standard XML schemas like DITA to publish machine-readable standards and regulations using Topics and Topic Maps
  • Publish live content components that allow consumers to integrate regulatory content into their own materials and pinpoint the impact of changes over time

Structured XML authoring without the learning curve of XML tooling

  • Create and update content in familiar Microsoft Office environments yet manage the content as industry-standard structured XML
  • Collaborate on drafting/amending regulations and standards in real-time from amendment drafting through to final codification of approved amendments
  • Demonstrate a full audit trail of changes made along the way

Manage content as components

  • Leverage Propylon’s temporal CCMS technology to publish regulatory content from one master data source in multiple formats
  • Manage the complexities of effective dates, operational dates, amendatory language and transparency audit trails
  • View and update content at a document level but manage it as smaller, re-usable components
  • Enable smart linking between regulatory content and downstream materials such as policies, procedures, manuals
  • Track relationships between regulations/standards and related materials such as primary legislation, caselaw etc.

Research portal for regulator and standard-setters

  • Store all publications in one place and maintain a single source of truth
  • Manage the complexities of effective dates, operational dates, parallel publishing and recodifications
  • Enable API-based integration for downstream consumers
  • Allow portal users to compare versions of regulations and subscribe to be alerted to changes relevant sections
  • Facilitate live-linking of portal-based regulatory content into policies, manuals and guidance
Propylon's TimeArc CCMS

Slash the compliance workload

for consumers of regulations and standards

Slash the compliance workload for consumers of regulations and standards

Accelerate the update cycle for consumers of regulations and standards. Facilitate change detection, assessment and impact analytics. Allow consumers of regulatory material to streamline their compliance workflows.