Evolving the Amendments Process with Amendments in Context

Describing proposed changes to a bill using amendment language instructions is highly technical and requires a deep level of knowledge and precision. This can cause complexities when drafting page and line amendment reports during session. The practice may seem outdated given the advances in technology, but respecting the current methods and maintaining ties to historical practices are integral to ensuring there is confidence in the amendment process working correctly today. Modern technology solutions can improve speed, efficiency, and benefit drafting attorneys and legal staff in numerous ways.

So, why are amendments represented in this format? And, can we advance the process by using an Amendments in Context style document alongside, or even instead of, an Amendment Report?

Download the eBook to discover:

  • What an Amendment in Context is and its benefits and challenges. 
  • Why your legislature should consider
    eliminating the Amendment Report in favor of a more streamlined process of amending legislation. 
  • How two US State Legislatures who have already taken the leap are finding the transition.
Amendments in Context eBook