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Simplifying Regulatory Change Processes

The constantly changing regulatory environment makes it difficult for professionals to keep track of and understand regulatory changes. Given the volume and complexity of the changes that take place, and all the different versions of documents that are formed over time, it can be a confusing task trying to understand these changes and keep on top of which regulations apply when. A lot of time can be spent trying to decipher this information but the lack of tools available to simplify this process means that there is a high risk of missing changes and misinterpreting information and important dates. This can lead to professionals providing inaccurate advice to clients or their business. This is a challenge that legal and compliance professionals need to address now so that processes can be simplified.

Staying ahead of regulatory change

As the volume of content and the rate of changes in regulations continue to grow rapidly, understanding which laws to comply with is becoming a more complex and daunting task. Never has there been a more pressing need for an automated solution, especially given the financial and legal implications of missing changes. To overcome this challenge effectively, professionals need a platform that automatically keeps them up-to-date, eliminating the chance of them missing any changes that occur. Before now, there hasn’t been a scalable or effective way to track updates to ensure compliance with the latest standards and regulations, nor a way to ensure that these changes are fully understood.

Gaining the competitive advantage

The Propylon TimeArc platform provides a solution. Using patent-pending point-in-time technology, it offers a centralized location for clients to monitor regulatory changes, identify emerging risks, and compare different versions of documents at any given time. It improves accuracy and efficiency while lowering costs. Features include data visualization such as heat maps which help break down complex legal changes that are easy for clients to digest at a glance. Our TimeArc platform is the only solution on the market that offers game-changing point-in-time functionality, enabling clients to gain a competitive edge.

We have partnered with leading publishers and legal professionals to provide a platform that can:

  • Automatically track changes
  • Give professionals peace of mind that they won’t miss any changes while having the option to filter notifications so that they are not overwhelmed with information overload
  • Reduce the complexity of regulatory change with in-depth explanations, annotations and commentaries to enhance your understanding
  • Offer powerful analysis tools to simplify views of regulatory change
  • Reduce the complexity of regulatory change with in-depth explanations, annotations and commentaries to enhance your understanding
  • Enable faster and more accurate research in point-in-time regulations for audits and litigation cases
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance for your business or organization
  • Provide legal researchers with the tools they need to view how legal and regulatory changes affect their issues
  • Empower smaller firms with the knowledge resource they need to take on larger projects

Customer success

Working with our publishing partner Wolters Kluwer, we successfully implemented our TimeArc solution. It enables clients to identify regulatory changes quickly and efficiently, help avoid risk, and maximize profitability. Ben Snipes, Product Director of Tax Products at Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory US said:

Our collaboration with Propylon is part of Wolters Kluwer’s ongoing effort to quickly deliver new capabilities aligned with customer needs as we integrate our world-class content directly into customer workflows.

Partner with us

Our TimeArc legal and regulatory intelligence platform allows legal publishers to create new products to make it easy for your subscribers to understand changes to their legal and regulatory framework. It enables you to quickly launch innovative new products into the market to increase sales with minimal capital cost and effort. Our platforms are used by “big four” firms, banks, and governments around the world.