Virtual meetings

Running Virtual Meetings for Committee and Chamber Sessions During the COVID-19 Crisis

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on everyone. Not least in governments and legislatures. Currently, one in four Americans are under Shelter in Place restrictions and are being asked to stay home. 

Staying at home means changing the way we work, including the way public and legislative meetings are held. Legislatures cannot stay shut indefinitely so a new way of completing legislative process is needed immediately. 

Propylon’s software solutions offer the flexibility and functionality to support your changing needs and most urgent requirements at this time. For example, we can make the hosting of virtual meetings work for you so that remote working doesn’t have to negatively impact day-to-day work or slow down workflow.

Technology: ensuring continuity in uncertain times

With such uncertainty around us in the midst of this pandemic, it is reassuring to know that there are ways technology can help uphold legislative processes and ensure continuity. With the right technology, a business continuity plan is easy to implement. As leaders in providing legislative management solutions, we have solutions already in place to meet your legislative needs during this time.

There are no single points of failure when using a robust, distributed, hosted solution to support the process.

Seamless transition to virtual meetings while supporting the legislative process

Investing in hosted solutions is a smart move: it prepares for future uncertainties and provides a risk-reducing approach to ensuring critical legislative business can continue without interruption, even when staff members or legislative members may need to carry out some of this remotely. Our web-based applications support the possibility of running a meeting and voting remotely through a secure channel. 

With our chamber and committee technology, meetings can be held with participants in many different locations. The rules can be applied (Masons/ Roberts rules) through technology to support the process. Documents can be digitally signed to move the process forward. Hosting meetings is an option that takes away the risk of critical IT staff falling ill. 

There are no single points of failure when using a robust, distributed, hosted solution to support the process. And we can help make the transition to hosted solutions seamless and stress-free. Now is the time to invest in the security of the legislative process for the future.