Celebrating Our Differences: Introducing Propylon’s Diversity and Inclusion Council

In 2021, we established our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Council as an offshoot of our Great Places To Work (GPTW) Committee. The Council’s mission is to foster an inclusive working environment and ensure equal opportunities for all employees regardless of race, tenure, gender, sexual orientation, and age. Its purpose is to embrace diversity and benefit from a variety of perspectives when it comes to effective problem-solving, innovation, and better business outputs.

Partnering with HR and leadership to ensure employment decisions are based on merit and abilities, the D&I Council strives to achieve its mission and purpose by celebrating our differences, embracing what makes us unique, and ensuring that every employee feels comfortable bringing their true selves to work each day.

The Council also works to raise awareness for marginalized groups through initiatives including:

  • Lunch and learn sessions
  • Email campaigns
  • Sharing useful resources such as podcasts, books, documentaries
This is the foundation for an open, supportive culture that aims to eliminate conscious and unconscious biases in our workplace and in our communities.

As a business that contributes to how laws, regulations, and standards are enacted in our society, we are conscientious of our footprint on our wider community.

Building out the D&I Council

We began by opening membership up to our team of more than 70 Propylonians spread across Ireland and the United States. Our D&I Council is now made up of six volunteers representing a broad range of backgrounds and communities.
Decorative flowers and candles in water on a plate
The centerpiece from our Diwali table

Celebrating our diverse workforce

As an offshoot of our GPTW committee, the D&I Council utilizes the results from the GPTW survey to review satisfaction levels amongst employees, and we use the GPTW Culture Audit framework and external best practice laws and guidelines to plan for future initiatives. In 2021, we obtained a 98 percent satisfaction score for the category of Diversity and Inclusion and have set a goal to maintain a score of a minimum of 95 percent.

Our D&I Council meets monthly to plan and organize initiatives across five focus areas.

1. Culture, Race and Ethnicity

With 44 percent of our employees originating outside of Ireland, we are conscious to celebrate all nationalities and cultures that we belong to. The D&I Council regularly consults our diverse workforce to ensure that we are marking meaningful occasions for everyone, such as Kwanzaa, Diwali, Black History Month, and Tłusty Czwartek.

2. Gender Equality

We are proud to have both male and female Council members championing a focus on women in tech and leadership. Propylon fosters a culture of gender equality internally through campaigns for International Women’s Day and Men’s Health Awareness Month or ‘Movember’. In 2022, our D&I Council is also looking forward to establishing a partnership with Teen-Turn, a non-profit organization that works to encourage girls in second-level education to pursue a career in STEM.

3. LGBTQ+ Allyship

The D&I Council cultivates an inclusive environment by organizing initiatives in support of the LGBTQ+ community. In 2022, it is planning for our first Propylon Pride Month which will be a yearly flagship event for the Council.

4. Enablement and Disability

Propylon is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the grounds of disability. We also support employees by raising awareness and destigmatizing conversations around disability. In 2021, we supported Make Way Day, a public awareness event that highlights the needs of people with disabilities in shared public spaces. In addition, we held a lunch and learn sign language session on both the Irish Sign Language and American Sign Language for our global workforce.

5. Age Equality

Propylon has practices and policies in place to promote age equality and ensure fairness across all levels. Working alongside HR, the D&I Council aims to cultivate a great place to work through initiatives such as ageism awareness sessions and by organizing learning seminars that appeal to ages across the spectrum (for example: fast track to leadership, preparing for retirement, introduction to becoming a homeowner).
International Women's Day 2022 Panel
The panel for our International Women's Day presentation and discussion

Relocation support

With company headquarters located in Dublin, we want to make sure to support our team members who are working in Ireland for the first time. To that end, we developed New Hire Orientation guides to help our team members navigate society and culture in Ireland.

C# Software Engineer, Dimitrios Kaletsaris is from Greece and was living in France before coming to work at our Dublin office.

“Relocating, in general, is not an easy task,” says Dimitrios. “This is my second time switching countries and it was a different experience this time around. Propylon’s New Hire Orientation Guide is very concise, covering all the steps I would have taken myself when settling in Ireland and includes additional information.

“The real challenge for me was finding accommodation. I didn’t get very far because it was hard to attend viewings. This is where Propylon showed true camaraderie, asking people internally if they knew of any places to let, thus landing me in my current home.

“Since I’ve arrived in Ireland and started working at the company, Propylon has been by my side, for example, through the many aspects of relocation that cannot be initiated before having a fixed address and attending appointments in person (like obtaining a Public Services Card). In brief, relocating is stressful on its own, and receiving all the support from Propylon when needed facilitated the whole process. The Great Places To Work accreditation is really spot on. And it gets even better as time goes by.”

Equal opportunities for all

As a business that contributes to how laws, regulations, and standards are enacted in our society, we are conscientious of our footprint on our wider community. Through our D&I Council and broader Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, we strive to cultivate a progressive, innovative working environment that will advance Propylon as a business and have a positive impact on broader society.