Propylon is a world leader in legislative and regulatory data processing and document management. Propylon have been working with Legislatures and regulatory bodies since the 1990's. With this experience Propylon have developed in-depth domain knowledge of both legislative and regulatory domains and the unique challenges faced within these markets.

With a large pool of expert consultants and analysts, and a world class software development team dedicated to the legislative and regulatory domains, Propylon has considerably broader and deeper expertise than any other vendor in the market. We pride ourselves on having some of the leading domain technical authorities in our team, who contribute to the development of global standards relevant to legislative data processing.

Legislatures often share many commonalities, but each Legislature has their own unique processes and systems. Through our many years of experience, Propylon has developed and grown analysis procedures around these concepts. Propylon uses proven methodologies when analyzing the existing systems and requirements prior to the deployment of any new software. Propylon’s methodology focuses on ensuring that the business processes and outputs are documented in a way that accurately describes the process while providing documentation that can be used not only for designing a new system but also for testing and measuring the new system.

Propylon understands that a Legislature will outlive its vendors and that it deserves long-term ownership over its systems and data. Legislatures should minimize or eliminate lock-in to specific vendors or proprietary technology. Propylon's solutions use Open Standards and Open Formats which minimize this risk. The use of Open Standards and Formats also ensures it is easier for systems from different parties or those using different technologies to inter-operate and communicate with one another. As our solutions are XML-based they deliver human-readable and machine-processable data structures that ensure access to the Legislative Record for generations to come.


Smart, Practical Technology.