Propylon have been working with Legislatures and regulatory bodies since the 1990's and is recognized as a world leader in legislative and regulatory data processing and document management. With this experience Propylon have developed in-depth domain knowledge of both legislative and regulatory domains and the unique challenges faced within these markets.

With a large pool of expert consultants and analysts, and a world class software development team dedicated to the legislative and regulatory domains, Propylon has considerably broader and deeper expertise than any other vendor in the market.

Propylon has developed and iterated a unique project delivery methodology. This methodology is core to enabling us successfully deploy large scale software projects to support the legislative process in a repeatable fashion. We understand that a Legislature will outlive its vendors and that it deserves long-term ownership over its systems and data. Legislatures should minimize or eliminate lock-in to specific vendors or proprietary technology. Propylon's solutions use Open Standards and Open Formats which minimize this risk and allow for integration with existing or future systems.

Propylon is recognized as a world leader in the successful implementation of legislative systems. Our proven experience and sample clients below demonstrates our ability to solve your legislative challenges.

Legislative Clients

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