Point-in-Time Technology

Existing content solutions do not provide easy access to, or tools to efficiently research and navigate, legal and regulatory content and internal records at any point-in-time.

When researching or accessing historical content users are faced with a number of challenges:

  • Access is to individual versions of content only, rather than the complete content set at the selected date
  • Broken Links
    - links do not work
    - links that do work might link to the current version of related material rather than the version that existed at the selected date
  • Historic content is not readily available and may be stored on legacy formats that require time and a break in workflow to access
  • Changes to content over time are not easy to identify

Propylon's core LRMS technology solves the problems of point-in-time access to content and it is the underlying technology that is used in products such as TimeArc.

Propylon's point-in-time technology provides:

Point-in-Time Views

In TimeArc, users navigate  the complete library of content as it appeared at  any selected point-in-time. By selecting any date the user is presented with a complete view of the content set for that date, all related and linked content is also as it appeared at that selected point-in-time. By presenting users with a timeline of their content, they can select any two versions to visually compare the changes between them.

Time-Aware Links

TimeArc's ‘time-ware' links are permanent, active links. When a user clicks on, or copies, a TimeArc permanent URL, they will always be taken to that version of the content as it was at that point-in-time.

Time-Aware Searches

When a user selects a date in TimeArc and performs a search on the content, they are assured they are searching the complete library of content as it was for their selected date.


Benefits of Point-in-time Technology

  • Reduce time researching historic content
  • Improve research accuracy
  • View marked up versions of content to identify changes between any two selected dates
  • Reduce eDiscovery costs
  • Create permanent, time-aware links to any content: web pages, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc.
  • Provide complete audit trails of changes over time
  • Fast, accurate reporting on the full audit-trail including content affected, date of change, nature of change, source of change etc.


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