Legal & Regulatory Management System - LRMS

LRMS (Legal and Regulatory Management System) is the core application substrate on top of which, application suites such as the Legislative Workbench (LWB) and TimeArc® are created. LRMS solves the complex problems around strict version control and the auditing requirements of the legal and regulatory domain. The LRMS repository provides point-in-time snapshots of all stored content and metadata, allowing roll back to a complete version of the repository and not just individual documents.

LRMS provides, out of the box, all the main functional capabilities required to rapidly build and deploy Legal and Regulatory applications.

Download LRMS Datasheet

The main functional areas addressed by LRMS are:

Web Native Time Vault (top)

  • "Point in time" views of entire repository : content and metadata

  • Repository "Point-in-time" playback

  • Versioning of entire repository on a transaction by transaction basis

  • Comprehensive time-based search and retrieval facilities

  • Seamless, instantaneous navigation through entire repository history

  • Web native interface (RESTian)

  • Support for all file types including binary "blobs" and multi-media

  • Full locking support for files and folders

  • Extensible metadata framework

  • Extensible Suite of tools for managing folder structures, content taxonomy/metadata, roles and users

  • Extensible System monitoring

  • Multi-repository support and fully secure inter-repository messaging

  • Virtual views over the repository seamlessly integrated with role-based access control

  • Extensible Services Suite : inter-repository messaging, XMPP notifications, secure ftp, XML transformations

  • Service life cycle management framework


Full Transparency and Audit Trail (top)

  • Comprehensive audit trail of all access

  • All changes recorded as part of the audit trail

  • Tamper proof audit trail

  • No "delete" operation. All versions of all assets in the repository retained for all time


Comprehensive Confidentiality and Security (top)

  • Secure document storage and retrieval based on content and metadata

  • Extensible Role Based Access Control

  • Confidentiality Zones

  • HTTPS based RESTian interface


Real Time Event Notification (top)

  • Extensible XML-based Event Notification Framework

  • Extensible Event Distribution Framework

  • Services framework seamlessly integrated with event notification


Document Assembly/Publishing (top)

  • Extensible Aggregating Publishing Engine

  • Extensible XML Pipeline Engine for data conversions and publishing applications

  • Extensible HTML generator

  • Extensible PDF Rendering Engine


Index-based Search/Retrieval (top)

  • Arbitrary number of metadata items per document type

  • Open ended indexing of metadata items for performance

  • Semantic web capability (RDF, RDFa)

  • Full Text Search/Retrieval


Thick Client Workbench (top)

  • Integrated Open Document Format editing via OpenOffice

  • Customizable, loosely coupled, technology agnostic User interfaces

  • Tools for quickly customizing workflow

  • Designed to readily handle changes of process and technology

  • Role aware views and searching

  • Full text and meta-data searching

  • SDKs for customization


Thin Client Workbench (top)

  • Web application framework for creating portals/ dashboards

  • Open Document Format

  • Customizable, loosely coupled, technology agnostic interface

  • Tools for quickly customizing workflow

  • Designed to handle change of process and technology

  • Role aware views and searching

  • Web application framework for creating portals/ dashboards

  • Full text and meta-data searching

  • SDKs for customization

  • Multi device clients - integrate with SMS, XMPP, RSS, ATOM


Five nines availability (top)

  • 99.999% uptime

  • No single point of failure


Highly scalable (top)

  • Horizontal load balancing

  • Vertical load balancing

  • Highly virtualized construction


Highly extensible (top)

  • Open-ended "services" based design

  • Suite of SDKs for client side (thick and thin) and server side extensions



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