Legislative Enterprise Architecture

The LEA provides an information architecture that allows for the sharing and reuse of data throughout organizations whilst allowing each individual department to operate autonomously. The implementation of the LEA allows for additional legislative services to be built to better support members, staff and the general public.

In leglislatures systems have grown over time resulting in silos of information causing additional work for staff and challenges in sourcing, reusing and publishing information. The implementation of the LEA provides an enterprise information architecture enabling:

  • Sharing of information & collaboration across departments
  • Publishing efficiencies in multiple formats
  • The addition of new data services to members, staff and the public
  • Infrastructure Consolidation
  • Improved IT service delivery

Propylon's Legislative Enterprise Architecture

Propylon implement the LEA through the LRMS (Legislative and Regulatory management system)
LRMS is the substrate which supports the full Propylon Legislative Workbench (LWB).



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