Hosting & Cloud Services

Depending on your requirements Propylon software can be hosted on-premises or via our private cloud. Our dedicated cloud services division will assist in determining the most cost efficient hosting solution to meet your security, global reach and service agreement requirements.

Private Cloud

TimeArc has been deployed on the cloud to enable multinational clients to access content across different offices globally. Deploying TimeArc on secure cloud servers allows for the possibility of scaling to unlimited capacity whilst minimizing capital expenditure.

Benefits include:

  • Secure cloud servers with multiple disaster recovery capabilities
  • Reduce capital costs of maintaining internal documentation and managing security
  • Increased speed of solution deployment
  • Improve accessibility
  • Unlimited capacity available on demand without significant capital costs

Hybrid Cloud

TimeArc Basic Architecture

Our hybrid cloud solution enables clients to access external rules and regulations on cloud servers whilst maintaining internal compliance programs within the organization firewall.

TimeArc’s unique hybrid solution is provided without compromising end user experience. Existing offerings maintain separate systems for external regulatory material and internal compliance programs. TimeArc operates as a single platform, enabling users to effortlessly navigate and create permanent links between internal compliance programs and the external regulatory framework.

Compliance executives can continue to edit and access policy documentation from existing content management systems. TimeArc ingests these documents on a daily basis to enable point-in-time access and provide innovative reporting tools.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Control the storage of internal compliance programs within the organization's firewall
  • Avail of the benefits of both cloud and internal servers
  • Access external rules and regulations and linked internal compliance programs from a single platform


If you are required to host on-premises Propylon will work with you to determine the hosting infrastructure required for your project. Propylon's software does not require any propriety hardware.


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