Transforming the legislative process with technology

In today’s networked world, Legislatures and Parliaments are coming under increased pressure to provide real-time access to their information and activities to constituents and businesses. Legislative Members, staff and government agencies need timely access to legislative information as they cope with the exponential increase in the digital information they have to process as part of their daily jobs. The challenges faced by Legislatures and Parliaments in keeping pace with the speed of change in this always-on, ubiquitous digital landscape are significant.

Propylon's products enable Legislatures and Parliaments achieve this transformational change.

Our products enable them:

  • Publish legislative data in real time
  • Manage all legislative data in a single temporal archive
  • Rewind for a complete snapshot of all the legislatures data at to any point in time
  • Full interoperability of data and domains
  • Publish machine readable data
  • Respect historical legislative processes
  • Foster growth of 3rd party apps. with open data feeds
  • A complete legislative suite of applications from bill drafting to committee and chamber management to codification of statute

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