Legislative Solutions

Propylon is a world leader in legislative and regulatory data processing and document management. Propylon have been working with Legislatures and regulatory bodies since the 1990's. With this experience Propylon have developed in-depth domain knowledge of both legislative and regulatory domains and the unique challenges faced within these markets.
  • Legislative Workbench (LWB): A comprehensive suite of legislative management systems tailored to customer specific needs. The solutions provide tools for managing legislation throughout its full lifecycle. These tools range from attorney drafter tools to in-chamber recording; journal production; committee management; right through to enrolling of law and codification of statute.
  • LWB Legislative Organizer: The Legislative Organizer provides simple access, for members and their staff, to all the legislative information they require when they need it on the move.
  • LWB Smart Vote: Smart Vote is a secure, tablet based, voting solution for legislatures. Smart Vote provides members with real time legislative information direct to their desks in addition to transmitting their votes.
  • Legislative Transformation: Propylon is driving transformative change in legislatures and parliaments worldwide. Propylon’s LWB is a proven, cost effective enterprise solution that supports all aspects of the legislative process in a single consolidated legislative IT architecture. It uses open and interoperable information formats that support the development of the productivity tools and apps demanded by today’s users.

Propylon is recognised as a world leader in the successful implementation of legislative systems. Our proven experience and sample clients below demonstrates our ability to solve your legislative challenges.

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