Legal Publishers

Publishers can leverage Propylon's platforms to generate new products that support customers in managing regulatory change,complying with extensive regulatory requirements and responding to increased regulatory review. These products generate unique competitive advantage to generate growth and improve customer retention. Our platform can seamlessly synchronize with existing publishing workflows, resulting in a shortened Go-To- Market launch and minimal disruption to existing products.

Opportunities to Create New Products

Legal publishers can incorporate regulatory content with TimeArc to generate new products that address significant challenges across heavily regulated industries.

TimeArc Regulatory Change Portal

Legal Publishers can leverage the TimeArc Regulatory Change Platform to provide legal & compliance professionals with new regulatory intelligence tools to efficiently monitor and understand regulatory changes across multiple jurisdictions. Read More

TimeArc Regulatory Intelligence

TimeArc Regulatory Intelligence provides a centralized location to monitor changes in external regulations and implementations within internal compliance programs. Customers can consolidate fragmented internal compliance programs resulting in a consolidated and transparent regulatory change management process.Read More 

 Benefits for Publishers

  1. Generate added value by supporting customers in addressing significant challenges across heavily regulated industries. 
  2. Increase revenue and market share by generating unique complimentary products. 
  3. Leverage TimeArc’s innovative Point-in-time technology to generate unique competitive advantage. 
  4. TimeArc seamlessly manages content, resulting in minimal disruption to existing publishing cycles and shortened go-to-market launch.
  5. TimeArc can be incorporated with customer’s internal systems to maintain long term relationships.

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