TimeArc® Regulatory Intelligence

In an environment of constantly changing regulations and increased regulatory review, financial institutions must remove manual processes for managing regulatory change to reduce non-compliance risk and remove inefficiencies. Fragmented solutions do not provide complete oversight of the regulatory change process resulting in increased non-compliance risk. Detailed audit trails are required to provide senior executives with complete visibility of the regulatory change process and to demonstrate compliance to regulators. 

TimeArc® Regulatory Intelligence

TimeArc provides a coherent and structured approach to regulatory change management to reduce costs and the risk of non compliance. The platform consolidates compliance programs managed across multiple systems to provide a centralized platform to monitor regulatory change across the organization. Detailed audit trails and point-in-time reporting supports collaboration, provides complete transparency and enforces accountability. 

1. Regulatory Intelligence

We partner with established content providers to provide global coverage of regulations and leading professional guidance. Our regulatory intelligence tools provide you with the in depth analysis so as you can remove the complexity involved in understanding changes in regulations. 

2. Consolidate Fragmented Regulatory Change Processes

TimeArc maintains regular feeds of compliance programs managed across multiple internal systems. Regulatory change dashboards provide you with complete oversight of the regulatory change process across different business units on one platform.

3. Assess the Impact of Regulatory Change

TimeArc provides business intelligence dashboards that support you in assessing the impact of regulatory change across business operations and internal compliance programs. 

4. Manage & Monitor Regulatory Change 

TimeArc reduces resources consumed the risk of non-compliance by streamlining the regulatory change process, from impact analysis to assignment and reporting. 

5. Demonstrate

It is unsustainable for organizations to continue investing in resources and legal costs to respond to increased regulatory and audit review. Unique point-in-time reporting functionality provides robust evidence of a systematic approach to managing regulatory changes. TimeArc supports you in defending interpretations and implementations to reduce legal costs and the risk of fines and penalties.


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TimeArc® Benefits

  • Automate the regulatory change process to reduce compliance costs and the risk of non-compliance.
  • Instantly assess the impact of regulatory changes on business activities and internal compliance programs
  • Consolidate existing silo systems to implement effective enterprise programs, providing complete visibility and transparency of changes across all business units.
  • Automate the process for preparing and responding to regulatory requests to reduce legal risks and costs
  • Generate standard and customized reports to efficiently defend interpretations and implementations for any period under review
  • The platform optimizes processes across the organization for multiple stakeholders including CCO's, CRO's, General Counsel, Operational Risk & Internal Audit to deliver substantial return on investment. 

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