TimeArc® Regulatory Change Portal

Constantly changing and increasingly complex regulations make it burdensome for compliance teams to monitor and assess the impact of regulatory change. Legal and compliance require the tools to efficiently stay on top of regulatory changes to reduce the risk of non compliance.

TimeArc® Regulatory Change Portal 

TimeArc Regulatory Intelligence provides a centralized location for compliance professionals to efficiently monitor and understand regulatory changes across multiple jurisdictions. We partner with established content providers to provide global coverage of regulations and leading professional guidance. Our regulatory intelligence tools provide you with the in depth insights so as you can understand the impact of changes on your organization. 


Reduce Information Overload 

You  can generate standard and customized regulatory change dashboards to efficiently monitor relevant regulatory changes from one centralized platform. These dashboards can filter news updates by location, regulator, update type or by topic area so as you can efficiently stay on top of regulatory changes relevant to you role. This reduces the time and effort consumed in monitoring large volumes of information from multiple sources.  

Understand Regulatory Change

Comparison tools and regulatory change timelines provide a complete oversight of the regulatory change process. Leading professional guidance reduces the complexity of regulatory changes, so as you can efficiently assess the impact of regulatory change on your business.

Leverage the Knowledge of the Industry

TimeArc presents the regulatory updates considered most important by peers in the industry.This enables you to rank and prioritize regulatory changes based on their importance and potential impact on your organization.

Reduce the Burden of Increased Regulatory and Audit Review

Changing regulations make it difficult to identify the regulations in place for a historic period under review. By selecting an active date within TimeArc, you can instantly access the complete regulatory environment in place at that time. This supports you in efficiently defending interpretations and implementations to regulators to reduce the risk of penalties and fines. 

Share and Take Action

You are able to share regulatory updates with colleagues via email. The TimeArc Regulatory Intelligence platform can be integrated with existing internal workflow solutions or TimeArc Regulatory Intelligence so as to implement a streamlined approach to regulatory change management. 


  • Access all relevant regulatory changes on one centralized platform to reduce research time
  • Reduce information overload and never miss a regulatory update relevant to your organization
  • Reduce risk by ensuring that you are aligned with up to date regulations provided by leading global providers
  • Incorporate the platform as part of internal systems to streamline and automate the regulatory change process
  • Keep up with regulatory changes on the move with access on mobile devices

Reduce Risk & Protect your Organization