Legislative Workbench - LWB

Propylon's Legislative Workbench (LWB), is a comprehensive set of business applications that support the running of legislatures. LWB includes full document and workflow management, in context amending tools with amendment report generation, automated engrossment and true in-context and point-in-time archiving. LWB is highly customizable, and can be tailored to each legislatures own working practices.

Features and Benefits

Deploying the Legislative Workbench within the legislature can reduce paper costs and introduce considerable process efficiencies. Existing paper based workflows can be replaced with print on demand or fully electronic bill books. Our in-depth domain knowledge of the unique challenges of legislative document authoring, workflow and publishing result in our solutions being the most flexible, robust and user-focused systems on the market.


Feature Related Benefit
  • Bill drafting and automated consolidation & codification
  • Improved workflow, reduced print costs,increased accuracy & reduced re-keying of data
  • View document changes over time
  • Improved understanding of legislative intent
  • Legislative event notifications
  • Improved information flow
  • Scalable hosted solution
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Full measure history tracked by actions and decisions
  • Speeds up legislative process and improves understanding and intent
  • Statute and standard phrases inserted and statute mark-up applied automatically
  • Improve speed and accuracy
  • Automatically transition data through legislative workflow
  • Streamlined workflow with increased accuracy
  • Automatically generate in-context amendment instructions
  • Streamline workflow and reduce paper costs
  • Chamber management and calendar maintenance
  • Improved communication and process efficiency
  • Automated journal production
  • Improved communication and process
  • Internal and external legislative portals
  • Staff, legislators and constituents are always up to date, promoting eGov
  • All legislative content fully indexed and faceted search enabled
  • Improved discovery and access to legislative content by research and decision support

LWB and the Legislature

Explore each section of this diagram of a typical legislature for details of how the Legislative Workbench supports all areas.

Ls in the Legislature Chambers Research Legislators, Staff and Public Legislative Council Committees


  • Calendar maintenance
  • Decision support
  • Entire measure status history tracked by actions/decisions recorded
  • Actions recorded in the Chamber trigger document updates
  • Automated journal production, including content from other areas


  • Access to all legislative data
  • Report generation
  • GIS integration for in-depth analysis and decision support
  • Detailed reports created for Legislative Decision Makers

Legislators, Staff and Public

  • Legislators/Staff portal for internal documents
  • Measure status history
  • Event notification by measure/action type
  • Committee information and schedules
  • Member information
  • Powerful search and retrieval
  • RSS feeds and open data
  • Public portals for eGov

Legislative Council

  • Instant access to information
  • Auto insert statute and standard phrases
  • Statute mark-up automatically applied to changes
  • Automatic in-context amendment instructions
  • All measure versions created automatically
  • Documents and folders move through legislative workflow
  • Document change history
  • Consolidation and codification management
  • Post-session publications generation
  • Entire document set searchable
  • Faceted search filters


  • Committee management applications
  • Maintain meeting schedules
  • Generate minutes and agendas
  • Automated committee reports
  • Pull in content from other areas

Technical Details

The Legislative Workbench is built on Propylon's LRMS. LWB is a scalable and open platform that can be deployed on a public or private cloud, which in today's tight budgetary climate can result in further cost savings for legislatures.

Download LWB white paper

Propylon, through our extensive experience, bring not only a world leading suite of products designed and developed specifically for the legislative domain, we also bring other significant benefits which make us stand out of the crowd when it comes to legislative software:

  1. Proven Experience: Propylon have been working with legislatures and regulatory bodies for over ten years. With this experience Propylon have developed in-depth domain knowledge of both legislative and regulatory domains.
  2. Methodologies: Through our work in the legislative domain, Propylon have developed methodologies which best tackle the unique problems faced by legislatures and minimize risk when delivering legislative systems.
  3. Sample Clients: Over the years Propylon have acquired and nurtured domain knowledge from working in the Legislative and Regulatory markets. We have developed and formalized our methodologies and products to provide the best solutions for our clients while minimizing risk. To put it simply we let our achievements speak for themselves.
  4. Open Data Formats: Enabling citizens and businesses develop intelligent apps and services that can add value to legislative data.
  5. Legislative Enterprise Architecture (LEA): Propylon's enterprise architecture is specifically designed to support the functions, processes, performance considerations, information, technology and services of the legislative business.

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