LWB Council Meeting Management

Secure system

Propylon’s LWB Council Meeting Management system provides state and local governments with the tools they need to run meetings and manage legislation quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Built on our award-winning LWB platform, the only enterprise-wide solution that supports all aspects of the legislative process in a single, consolidated system. 

It effectively eliminates redundant data entry and paper processes, simplifying the management of documents and reducing the need for paper. Its browser-based interface gives you the flexibility to securely manage your meetings from any location and on any device. In addition, its real-time event recording functionality ensures that you won't miss anything during fast-paced meetings.

Flexible software

Built on flexible XML technology, the Council Meeting Management suite can integrate with existing applications as well as on our full suite of applications. Its built-in reporting tool allows you to generate customized reports as well as out-of-the box reports, such as meeting minutes and activity reports, which saves you time and enables you to do your work more efficiently. 

Key benefits

  • Create and manage committees and other bodies, as needed
  • Record meeting events in real time
  • Vote management and recording
  • Run paperless meetings
  • Add members on the fly
  • Manage meeting exhibits in any format
  • Produce standard and customized reports
  • Submit and manage legislation requests

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