LWB Organizer

Legislative Assistant

The Legislative Organizer provides simple access, for members and their staff, to all the legislative information they require when they need it. The application can be accessed on all devices whether in the office or on the move. View bill status actions, up to date calendars for committees and floor sessions, bills, committee reports, agendas, journals or use the search tool to access any information from the legislation session. The Legislative Organizer also allows users track bills and set up alerts for a range of legislative actions and events.
Feature Related Benefit
  • Web app available on any device – desktop, smartphone, tablet, e-reader or WebTV
  • Up to the minute details of all legislative activities – wherever you are
  • Create personalized lists and alerts for bills and resolutions
  • Alerts and custom lists enable you track and find relevant measures quickly
  • Configurable calendar interface for committees and chambers
  • Always up to date schedule of your legislative activities
  • View and annotate amendments in context, access full measure histories and add annotations
  • Introduces major workflow efficiencies in committees and chambers, mobile access removes the need for paper
  • Personalized dashboard for all your relevant legislative content
  • You have quick access to your legislative information in any scenario
  • Bespoke event notifications for any legislative action
  • Always notified of events relevant to you
  • Full text search
  • Find relevant legislative documents fast
  • Integration with constituent communication tools
  • Your constituents are always up to date with your legislative activity


Sean McGrath is Propylon's Chief Technology Officer

“The Legislative Assistant is exactly what we had in mind when we created the Legislative Enterprise Architecture that underlies our legislative products. The Web native temporal database - the first of its kind - is architected around point-in-time content views and real-time change notification. These are precisely the features needed to drive a state of the art Digital Bill Book.”

To learn more about the Legislative Assistant or arrange a demonstration, contact Propylon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-800-PROPYLON



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