About Propylon

Our mission

At Propylon, our mission is to create solutions that manage the complexity of legal and regulatory material and make it useful for all. By harnessing the power of our people and innovation, we aim to improve how legal and regulatory material is produced and consumed by public and private organizations.


Propylon was founded in 1999 by Declan Hogan, Paul McKeon, and Sean McGrath after many years working together on projects in the electronic publishing of legislation and regulations. Combining Declan’s and Paul’s business acumen with Sean’s technical expertise, Propylon became revolutionary in the world of electronic publishing, and built what was then the largest repository of XML/HTML in the world for the Irish Parliament, the Oireachtas. This in turn led to us creating a law-making system called the Parliamentary Workbench, closely followed by the creation of the Legislative Workbench (LWB), which catered more specifically to the needs of our growing number of clients in the US legislative domain

Propylon: a gateway to better solutions

From the Greek word meaning “portal”, or “gateway”, our business vision centres around being a gateway to providing better solutions for our clients. Our core mission focuses on giving you something beyond what was previously available by making processes more efficient and ultimately reducing your workload. In this sense, Propylon is very much a threshold, a crossing over beyond limitations, to better solutions, customized to meet your individual needs.

What we do

We provide innovative software products that prioritize the needs of our clients in the legal and regulatory space. Our expertise is considerably broader and deeper than any other vendor and enables us to offer the only end-to-end solution available in the market. Our software development team are dedicated experts in the legislative and regulatory domain, contributing to the development of global standards.

Focus on innovation

With our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we have a specialist understanding of the unique challenges that our clients face – and, most importantly, the experience, expertise, and drive to overcome those challenges.

In depth

Smart, Practical Technology.