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Development Methodology

Through Propylon's extensive experience in the legislative and regulatory domains we have developed our own analysis, conversion and build methodologies to best capture the relevant business processes. We identify where both technology and business process re-engineering can drive efficiencies within these domains.

Output Centric Design Methodology

Designing and building a document-centric software system is a daunting task. Even more daunting is attempting to replace an existing system that has worked for decades. This is especially true of legislative information systems where system lifespans are often measured in decades. In response to the unique problems faced by legislatures, Propylon has developed a methodology known as OCDM (Output Centric Design Methodology) that reduces the risks associated with migrating to a new system.

Conversion Methodology

When migrating from existing legacy systems it is vital that the conversion from any legacy formats to XML produces a safe and orderly transition of all content from the existing system to the new system. High levels of rigour, quality and extreme attention to detail are required. At Propylon we have developed a conversion methodology that ensures the full audit and traceability of content from source files to final outputs, maintaining quality and integrity of the data.

Project Implementation Methodology

Our experience in building systems in legislatures and regulatory agencies has enabled us to develop a repeatable project management methodology. Propylon's project implementation methodology is focused on minimizing risk and is based on PMI best practice. By adopting an agile development methodology Propylon ensure constant user acceptance and rich client involvement during all stages of the development process resulting in quality, user tested systems.

Our methodology caters for joint development where clients can actively participate in building the solution. Propylon has successfully completed projects employing this method enabling a smooth transfer of final ownership of the solution to the client.