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Regulatory Content Management

In today's highly regulated environment control and oversight of all your regulatory content is critical. Propylon have been delivering regulatory content management solutions to clients that include three of the big four accounting firms for over a decade and have developed niche expertise in the domain.

Propylon's regulatory content management solution provides:

  • A cost effective solution for even the most complex data requirements
  • An agile solution that can adapt to the changing processes and frameworks within an organization
  • Capture and conversion from all sources and formats to any publishing scenario
  • Up to date access to critical regulatory data
  • Collaborative tools for knowledge exchange
  • Full version history and historical access to your data

Deploying Propylon's regulatory content management platform has enabled clients create efficient and seamless publishing workflows of critical regulatory data. Our interchange format allows you convert content from multiple sources, formats and XML schemas (Folio, DITA, AICPA's xml, ) and republish in your own formats or integrate into existing publishing frameworks. Our deep knowledge of capture and XML publishing allows clients unlock content from from publishers such as the AICPA, FASB and SEC and republish or repurpose this data seamlessly into their own systems rapidly. By integrating our regulatory content management platform clients have instant access to the latest regulatory data, a critical requirement for any business today. Our platform also allows users collaborate on documents and provides full version control with comparison and revision features for all content.

Propylon's solutions are developed using open formats, allowing for seamless integration across multiple publishing frameworks and offer greater flexibility for clients and their data.

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