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Legal Research and Compliance

Legal teams are constantly dealing with a growing amount of digitally born information produced by organizations. This coupled with an ever changing set of laws and regulations makes the time element to research for cases and electronic discovery ever more important. The costs associated with legal research and discovery for cases are often very large where an organization does not have the right management systems in place to easily maintain how their content has changed over time and make it easily searchable. The governance rules in organizations are changing to match the ever demanding laws and regulations for responsibility to produce exactly what the organization had published at points in time related to their case.

These requirements along with positive opportunities to manage the history of how the organizations critical content has changed has led to the creation of the TimeArc product. TimeArc is content intelligence solution which can be hooked to your main content management system and creates a complete audit history for how your critical content is changing over time. The time based search interface allow users to select the exact point in time when they want their search to apply to and all results will be relevant to the search time criteria. TimeArc maintains the temporal linking between documents providing so when you click on a link in one of your search results the link will take you to the associated content as it looked at the same point in time.

TimeArc provides a complete timeline for each piece of content to show how it has changed over time allowing for comparison of versions. This is a particularity useful feature when examining the differences between different version of lengthy regulation or policy for your organization.

TimeArc provides web based access directly to legal teams with powerful search features reducing the overhead of getting IT teams involved in retrieval and reducing the cost of accessing the information your legal team needs. The TimeArc timeline is a powerful risk reduction tool providing a graphical display of the history of changes to each particular piece of content.

Visit the TimeArc™ product page to find out more about how it can benefit your organisations GRC activities.