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TimeArc® - the easy to use enterprise-wide, time based, smart repository for electronic records, suitable for eDiscovery, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.

TimeArc® is a web based content intelligence and research tool. TimeArc® can be integrated with existing content and case management systems enabling you conduct time based research on your content.


  • Speeds up research for your business users
  • Reduces the risk that an incorrect version of a document is used
  • Ensures compliance by making all version history content available and easily accessible to your users

TimeArc® is a time-aware digital repository solution that snapshots the complete repository view at each change saved to it's content. TimeArc® allows you to search, retrieve and view all your digital content as it appeared at any point in time. The integrity of all links within your documents is maintained allowing you hyper-link between all the content as it appeared at the selected point in time.

TimeArc® Architecture

TimeArc® has a web based front end providing users access to a time-line of all modifications to your content allowing them to quickly visually compare two versions of a document. The ability to search and view the full extent of historic text at any point in time is critical for establishing what rules and regulations were in place at the time of any related event or decision. To do so, users need fast and efficient access to this data. TimeArc™ is an easy to use, always on, solution avoiding the time consuming search of legacy back-ups and off-line archives and the associated risks of access to that content over time.

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  • Time-aware searching of content within user specified dates
  • 'Point-in-time' views of entire data set
  • Hyperlinks to other documents are to versions of those documents at the same point-in-time
  • Create custom case or research areas to compile and collaborate on research material
  • Powerful faceted search with date and custom filters
  • Integrates easily with existing CMS, DMS and case management systems
  • Document history time-lines – see the sequence of changes, amendments and replacements of any document
  • Visualizations of content changes over time
  • Automatic alerts for document changes
  • Save and share search results and documents
  • Visual comparison of document versions with changes highlighted
  • Easy to use web browser interface
  • Fully customizable
  • Flexible configuration: internal, cloud or hybrid solutions
  • Scalable
  • Supports access control and logging
  • Dashboard reporting features

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  • Time aware search and retrieval of your content saves research time
  • Time aware linking of content saves your knowledge staff time and reduces risk of error
  • Manage risk through automatic building and greater visibility of changes to your content
  • Ensure compliance by enabling business users access your legislative and regulatory content as it appeared at any point in time
  • Collaborate on your research areas / cases
  • View the status of all key regulations, manuals or legislation at any point in time, critical for governance, risk management and compliance
  • Easily integrated with existing document management, content management and case management systems
  • Aerial views of how your content is changing allows you pin-point the areas with the greatest changes and improves business intelligence
  • Infrastructure cost savings with cloud based option

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