Propylon commence Legislative IT Transformation project for the Ohio State Legislature

Columbus, Ohio, May 2012 – Propylon is delighted to announce that the Ohio State Legislature has selected Propylon to build its next generation of legislative business support systems. The project, to support the legislative process, will be implemented using the Propylon LWB product suite. The Propylon implementation team will work in partnership with the legislature’s LIS (Legislative Information Systems) department to build solutions that will support members of the legislature, staff and provide better web based access to legislative information for the public. The legislature is implementing a solution that will bring efficiencies to the legislative process and provide better on-line services as more citizens and businesses engage with them on-line. This is a transformational project for the legislature, building critical infrastructure for it’s digital future. The project will support producing legislative information in machine readable formats making data openly available through web APIs. This is a multi-year implementation project to support the critical functions of the legislative process. The project will transform how information in the legislature is managed and published. This will result in the legislature providing increasing levels of access to information online to promote participation and transparency in the legislative process for members of the public and businesses. The project will also make it easier for members of the legislature and staff to consume and manage the growing amount of digital information needed to support their decisions. Propylon will deliver an integrated set of applications to the legislature that will increase efficiency, allow better access to information and provide a platform for creating better services throughout the legislature; from the activities in the chamber to the updating of law. “We have built a product suite that supports the ability of the public, businesses and agencies to better interact with the legislature on-line. The products we build simplify how information is managed and provide tools for fast and easy access to growing amounts of information. Legislatures are complex organizations. Our deep understanding of the legislative process, coupled with our technically superior products, ensures that we remain the market leader for building IT solutions that will be an asset to the legislature for many years to come.”
John Harrington, CEO of Propylon.


About Propylon

Propylon provides content intelligence solutions for legal, legislative and regulatory data management. The company’s products support legislatures, parliaments, regulatory bodies, compliance and risk departments, and legal teams across the US and Europe. Propylon understands that information is a critical asset to the organizations they work with. They build solutions to enable them get the most value and intelligence from these assets today and in the future. For further information on the Ohio project and our products and services please contact
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