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Propylon understands the needs and concerns of legislatures and regulatory agencies better than any other software vendor or consulting firm. Our engagement model, services methodologies and software solutions have been refined over years of successfully implementing complex solutions, a selection of clients are listed here.

Indiana State Legislature (top)

Propylon are working with the Indiana Legislative Services Agency to implement a complete Legislative Enterprise Architecture. The solution, built on our LWB product suite, will deliver a wide range of new and improved services for the Indiana Legislature:
  • Real time legislative information publishing to all platforms and devices, from desktop to smart phone
  • Complete IT architecture to manage the digital workflow of the legislative process
  • A flexible architecture providing real time legislative data for members and public, while maintaining existing procedural rules and the privilege of the Legislature
  • Custom interfaces for members giving them the specific legislative information they need to enable them to carry out their legislative responsibilities
  • Reduce the reliance on paper in the legislative process
  • A single consistent view of all legislative data across organizational boundaries

Ohio State Legislature (top)

Propylon are working with the Ohio State Legislature in building its next generation of legislative business support systems. The project, to support the legislative process, will be implemented using the Propylon LWB product suite. The Propylon implementation team will work in partnership with the legislature’s LIS (Legislative Information Systems) department to build solutions that will support members of the legislature, staff and provide better web based access to legislative information for the public.

Kansas Legislature (top)

Working closely with the Kansas state legislature, Propylon is delivering an integrated set of applications to the legislature that will increase efficiency, allow better access to information and provide a platform for creating better services throughout the legislature - from the activities in the chamber to the updating of law.

Propylon's solution is an integral part of the Kansas Legislative Information Services System (KLISS) which uses XML as the underlying data format for storing information ensuring that the data is open and can be re-purposed for an increased range of services and integrated easily with other systems.

KLISS will use the principle of “No Wrong Door”. By the application of this principle it will allow for easy navigation of the data in the legislature adding to efficiencies in the process and greater quality information. The implementation of an integrated set of applications will allow for the capture of information once and reuse of the information throughout the workflows within the legislature.

A case study presentation of KLISS, presented at the Cutter Consortium Summit, 2010, is available here.

North Dakota Legislature (top)

Propylon are working in partnership with the Information Technology Department (ITD) of the State of North Dakota's Legislative Branch on the implementation of the LWB in advance of the 2011 session. The solution will support the Legislative Council's critical business processes.

The project replaces a number of the critical legislative applications implemented in mainframe technology for the legislature. The solution's architecture encompasses full document management tools for all legislative documents and a complete chamber management system. The solution implements attorney drafting tools; workflow; editing; proofing; publishing and reporting tools for the administrative staff and enables timely access to rich information for all members of the legislature.

The implementation includes a web based Legislator Interface which gathers the data from LWB and external applications to provide legislators with rich information while sitting in the chamber.

Using XML as the underlying data format ensures that the data is open and can be re-purposed for an increased range of services and integrated easily with other systems. The integration with existing applications is being completed using standards that will allow for ease of maintenance and vendor independence in the future.

Pennsylvania General Assembly (top)

Working with staff in the Legislative Reference Bureau and in the Legislative Data Processing Center, Propylon have customized the Legislative Workbench to meet the needs of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania General Assembly. The software supports the critical business process of Bill drafting and amending; tracking the progress of Bills; amending current Legislation and the creation of publications such as Consolidated Statutes.

The software has delivered substantial time savings during busy session work by providing automated engrossment. This feature allows for the automated engrossing of amendments without the need for retyping all the changes after they are passed. The software provides an enhanced editorial environment where attorneys and typists can take advantage of the complete range of word processing tools within an easy to use interface. Propylon's solution also indexes the legislation and session documents offering full text search for researchers.

The use of the Legislative workbench has introduced greater efficiencies in the back-end processes used to support and manage the Legislature while also delivering a future proof solution that provides an opportunity for an increased range of services for the Legislature.

Irish Parliament (top)

The Houses of the Oireachtas depend on Propylon solutions to manage the bill amendment and publishing process. Propylon manage and publish the Verbatim Debate records of both houses in multiple formats.

National Assembly for Wales and Welsh Government (top)

Both the National Assembly for Wales and Welsh Government are using Propylon's Legislative Workbench with a range of customized templates and tool sets to draft and verify all future dual language Bills in Wales. Propylon has worked closely with the Legislation Office, Legal Services in the Assembly and the Office of the Welsh Legislative Counsel in the Welsh Government to customize the LWB.

The introduction of the Legislative Workbench will result in greater efficiencies in communication as Bills drafted by the Government will be seamlessly transferred from their systems to the Assembly systems. Through the use of the LWB templates and tool sets the bills drafted will be of high quality, reducing the amount of proofing and re-keying that was required in the previous system.

Northern Ireland Assembly (top)

Propylon are working with the Northern Ireland Assembly to implement a new system for the production and management of drafts, bills, amendment lists and amending primary legislation in Northern Ireland. The NI Assembly together with the Executive, exercises full legislative and executive authority in respect of 'transferred matters' and, with the Secretary of State's consent, 'reserved matters'. Propylon are working closely with the Assembly's Bill Office and the Office of the Legislative Counsel (OLC) on a system to support the effective and efficient creation, amendment and publication of primary legislation.

LexisNexis (top)

Large corporations have very specific data requirements and they also need to publish data produced from numerous regulatory and legislative organizations on their internal systems. Together with LexisNexis we offer such clients a unique solution, in that we provide timely updates to regulatory and legislative material supplied in a client specified format. Therefore no matter how many sources of data the client requires, that data will always be delivered in the client's own data format so there is no need for the client to perform any complex data migration or conversions. Additionally if the client modifies or completely replaces their internal systems we can re-deliver all the content in the new format.

In order to supply this service we maintain a large repository of legal and regulatory material. This is stored in XML format, defined specifically for legislative and regulatory content, RXML. This repository is continually updated with new and revised data. Using our RXML we can transform this data into client specific outputs that allow us to deliver the content to the client in their own native format at whatever frequency they require. Therefore from the same source files we can deliver to multiple clients in many different formats.

Big 4 International Accounting Firm (top)

The client, having developed a sophisticated content management and delivery system required data for that system on a daily basis. When the US Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) developed its new Accounting Standards Codification (ASC), providing all of the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP) in DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture - an XML based data format), the client needed to integrate this information into their existing system. Propylon developed a solution whereby we took the FASB DITA data and converted into RXML format. We could then continue to deliver content to the client in the usual way and they did not have to change their internal systems to accommodate the new data format.